squat replacement?

  1. squat replacement?

    i work out at home and have to make use of whats around. Deadliftings fine, instead of a bench ive got a machine i can use for a floor press, but im unable to squat because ive got nothing thats like a rack. suggestions?

  2. lunges... db or bb.
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  3. Clean the bar and do front squats

    you can also do body squats - there are tons of variations you can do with body squats.

  4. You can try zercher squats.

  5. i have same problem, i dont have a squat rack so i can only squat what i can lift above my head and onto my shoulders, so i squat my 1 rep max on the shoulder press, 3 sets of 60 reps.

  6. like said before, front squats. Also try jefferson squats, they are old school.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jsl View Post
    You can try zercher squats.
    Ka-POW! These things are god-awful but they hurt so good. You can also dead-start from the floor, no rack needed.
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  8. do half the movement for a clean and press, then front squat the weight. its like a dead that transitions to an upright row, while moving your elbows under the bar.

  9. Learn how to do overhead squats.

  10. I have to say that Zerchers are your best option here. You can start from the floor or you can go to home depot and buy a couple heavy saw horses to set the bar on to start from.
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