Supplements and powerlifting

  1. Supplements and powerlifting

    What is everyone's position on legal performance enhancing supplements in powerlifting?
    After watching Bigger, Stronger, Faster and seeing that Louie Simmons, West Side Barbell (which I am currently working on that method for the past 10 weeks or so, but took this week off due to a cold) is on anabolic steroids.
    I'm not plateauing at all and I'm not really looking for that push, I just wanna shed a few unnecessary pounds by the summer (sorry if it sounds like a typical "gym brah").
    I eat clean whole foods: Eggs and oats, chicken breasts, yogurt/milk, tuna, brown rice, steak, veggies.
    I even cut protein shakes out and replaced them with whole foods.

    I've been looking at The ONE Supplement
    www dot planetarynutrition dot com/The_ONE_Supplement_2nd_Gear_Fr ee_p/1supplement.htm]ęThe ONE Supplement - Applied Nutriceuticals The One Prohormone - FREE 2nd Gear PCT
    but it seems like it would be a little too much.

    I was running my sled once a week but now that I work on my days off, I have no time to do any GPP work between school and work.

    Any suggestions? Tips? Advice?


  2. If you want to lift against clean guys or at least the majority of them are clean, lift in a drug free org. I have lifted open for a few years and i am clean, mainly because my lifts are not all the impressive even compared to the top clean guys. If i get to a point where i had a chance to compete in the USAPL at the arnold i would switch to the USAPL. I am not sure what answer you are looking for about the drugs in powerlifting.

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