feet turn out deadlifting?

  1. feet turn out deadlifting?

    i use a close stance deadlift and my feet turn out when doing them why is this?

  2. hmm i would say to widen ur stance just a bit cuz if ur feet are turning in it seems like ur not using the ROM ur body wants too... its like when i try to do toes pointing in calf raises they always turn back out.. Now for deadlift being a heavy lift u want to do it in the position the body seems more comfortable so widen ur stance just a tad bit till ur feet are feeling comfortable.

  3. External rotation of the hips allows one to utilize their glutes in a better fashion as the glutes (both max and medius) and hip rotators, but the glute max still aids normally as a hip extensor.

    Plus, it does allow some to get into better positioning as well.

  4. How bad are we talking, if it is just a little don't worry about it. Also are you real close stanced, this would be normal then. My training partner, as recommended by John Bott, uses an almost heels together stance with his toes pointed.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by underdog13 View Post
    i use a close stance deadlift and my feet turn out when doing them why is this?
    so you can lock-out prolly. When the feet are like that I find I can really pop my hips through! good luck dude what you pullin anyways?

  6. Think your foot position may be slightly different for everybody depending you’re your specific body. Best advice I can give is to stand on a raised platform like a bench and then just jump off, landing on both feet. Look at your foot position when you land. That is your body’s preferred foot position, as you will land the way your body is the most stable. Had a strongman tell me that years ago. Deads are my favorite lift. Learn to love them and you will grow.

  7. my feet are pretty close together maybe one or two inches apart. The thing is im stronger when i do this so i guess it works for me i should stop thinking about it. In response to bigdeepsquats my best is 357.5


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