What should my workout regime look like 2 months out of a comp?

  1. What should my workout regime look like 2 months out of a comp?

    I have a comp on April 11th; about 2 months away. My training has been going well but I was curious as to what I should change when the comp gets closer. It's a raw comp so I know I shouldn't be using my gear but as far as reps, schedule, ect I'm a little inexperienced and would like some pointers.

    Any ideas?

  2. tons of triples at 80% plus plenty assistance work (lightish) and GPP.

  3. What has your training been looking like up to this point? It may not be wise to change much if things have been progressing well.

  4. Lots of bench, squat or dead, and lots of assistance work. Most everything is 5 reps or lower.

  5. Thats kind of vague so I cant give any specific recomendations except for this.... Practice doing singles in competition form well in advance of the meet. Make your technique perfect.



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