Breaking in new belt?

  1. Breaking in new belt?

    I just got a new belt, its a 4inch powerlifting style belt and it fits me perfect but it is REALLY stiff, its a little hard to get on tight. Is there anything I can do to help break it in faster (like rubbing vaseline on a baseball glove to soften it up?) or do I just have to keep wearing it to break it in. This thing is hard as a rock, It will probably take a good year to break it in wearing it everyday unless there is some trick to it.

  2. Just keep wearing it, it will break in quicker than you think. You can keep it rolled up if you want but that doesn't make a huge difference. You can get it tight if you can cinch it up with the help of a power rack. Just put the belt on like you normally would, then take the loose end of it in one hand and with that same hand grab onto the post of a rack. Then will holding the loose end of the belt tight against the rack turn away from the rack so that the belt gets tighter around your waist.
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  3. Thanks for the reply, today was the first day I wore it, and thats how I put it on. It took a pretty good pull to get it tight, but it wasnt too bad. I had more trouble putting the loose end into the loop, the belt was so stiff that it was hard to bend it down into the loop. I have to tighten it down till there is only two holes left, so there is a good sized piece on the loose end

  4. wear it as much as possable. what brand is it, the inzer belts seem to break in a LOT faster than the Titan ones.

  5. I wanna check out those belts with the ratchet.... i can never seem to get it in the right hole.... on the belt

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  6. i use a lever, like it better than the ratchet. I always know how tight its gonna be, dont ever over/undertighten it when i get it set.


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