Experienced Powerlifters?

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    Well I have been doing the "Board" Routine on top of my bench routine. Just a month ago 405 wasnt even a consideration, and I repped it 3 times pretty easy on 4 board, 385 easy with 3 board and 2 board was 315 3 times. I am 5'9" 179lbs, 7.9% body fat. For all the experienced powerlifters out there is this ok for my weight and what not? I would like to compete eventually. Oh yeah this was no shirt or anything just tank-top. Thanks I owe alot to everyones help and tips on here.

  2. you can compete with anything....
    i could go compete and bench 135....
    either way keep training hard
    SFW and GFH

  3. Those are good numbers. I would however just do one board per workout. Say a max triple to a 2 board one w/o and a max triple to a 4 board the enxt workout. keep rotating it and don't forget to go to the chest every now and then

  4. Yeah I do dumbells also, I only do boards on my heavy day but its a good chest workout. I warm up and do 225, 255, 275 and 295 all like 3 times. Then I do 315 once then into boards.

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