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    I'm a novice powerlifter training for a meet in March 2009. I've been seriously training for over six months. I started with the Novice Program outlined in Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength; I used it until October, then switched to the Texas Method featured in Rippetoe's Practical Programming for Strength Training. I've made great progress with this routine as well. My 3RM, as of today are:
    Squat: 365#
    Bench Press: 270#
    Deadlift: 400#

    I was wondering if anyone else has used the Texas Method to prepare for a meet. I'm torn between keeping it, since it's working fine, or doing a 12 week cycle. Being a novice, I'm trying to read as much as I can, so any help is appreciated. The gyms I train in do not have any bands, chains, or boxes so I can't use any Westside methods. Thanks again.

  2. which meet in march are u lifting in ?

    Personaly im not familiar with the texas method, ive been training off, and on for many years..

  3. Sorry about the long reply time. I had to take about a week off due to overtraining and a low back strain. The Texas Method is featured in Mark Rippetoe's Practical Programming for Strength Training. It features three workouts per week and is divided into high intensity/high volume, low intensity/low volume which functions as a recovery, and high intensity/ low volume such as a 3RM set. I've used it since mid-October and got great results. The whole month of December I was neglecting the light workout, going from high volume/high intensity to high intensity/low volume maxe workouts approximately three days apart. That in conjuction with a hectic work schedule kicked my butt and I was overtrained. Then I had a mild low back strain, probably from work (I'm a firefighter). I've started back this weekend and I feel a lot stronger.
    My meet is on March 28 in Talladega, AL, the USAPL Alabama State Championships.

  4. One of my brothers has used it with sucess.

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