Strongman Competition Events

  1. Strongman Competition Events

    I have been mulling it over about training for strongman. I have a few questions i hope some of you guys would be able to help me with. Thanks in advance!

    1.) Do you pick what events you are wanting to compete in or is it a set thing that everyone must do?
    2.) If events are able to be picked which ones would give a 6' 6" man the edge over shorter competitors.
    3) Any good links to building home-made equipment?
    4) I have the ability to get any size heavy machinery tires i want for free. What size tires are used in the flip contest, and what sizes should i start out with as a beginner.
    5) I'm also wanting to train grip strength and wondered if any of you had any links to specialty training with COC grippers.

  2. I believe you can NOT pick your events. The events are set before the meet. Some meets you will not even know the events until the day of the competition.

    This is the website I use.
    it has a discussion forum to find training groups, tips on how to make equipment, and local meets.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the help and the link.

  4. Nope, you lift what they have at that contest. Plus events are always subject to change. My first contest got rained out so they had to move the events under a pavillion. It ended up with all new events so it was an equal disadvantage to all

  5. do you guys know of any other organizations besides NAS? ive been looking to compete in the teen division and am pretty eager but theres only a hand full of comps in the next year.

  6. NAS is the only one. Give it a couple months, you'll see alot more contests popping up.


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