Best "Power" Music.

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  1. Best "Power" Music.

    First off, my apologizes if I posted this in the wrong forum.

    Now, through some sort of science wizardry, it has been proven that listening to music whilst working out can allow for more reps, higher weights, and longer workouts in general (ALWAYS a good thing). This is due to the music providing a distraction to your brain, albeit a small one, and allowing you to have less focus on the "muscle fire" feeling and as an added plus, you can develop a good rhythm to your sets for improved...something or other (as I forget the term I am looking for).

    I might even go as far as to suggest a cardio and weight lifting section of your music storage device (ipod, zune, CD, tape, 8 track, etc.) list to display on this thread; if you so desired. While I might add something like "Just make sure it makes you want to tear [bad word] up!" or something to that effect, I won't; seeing as how everyone has a preference.

    Personally, I listen to the same stuff regardless of what I'm doing. This is what can be found on my 1GB mp3 (as opposed to mp4) player:

    Rammstein: As I do not have a comprehensive understanding of the German language, I can't understand what they're saying, so the lyrics sort of fly over my head and I can just enjoy the sounds I hear.

    Herzeleid (album)- Every song, minus "Seemann," on this album can be found on my mp3 player. Just listening to it makes my biceps feel bigger (especially "Weisses Fleisch").

    Reise, Reise (album)- A few good songs (5/11) on this album are enough to warrant having it. "Mein Teil" is just one of those songs that makes you want to lift heavy objects and break stuff.

    Mutter (album)- With track such as "Feuer Frei" (the "Bang Bang" song from XXX; Vin Diesel movie, gutter-minds) exploding into your ears, this album is full of tracks that make me want to shread my shirt like The Incredible Hulk!

    Rosenrot (album)- This is what I listen to while going up a max incline treadmill for over an hour and a half. The tracks are (musically) more complex and are good for mountain climbing.

    The "(album)" thing is due to all those albums having a title track on them.


    The Best Of (Hed) Planet Earth- With their mix of rap and metal, these guys just make me want to either start breaking things or slapping ho's. Not sure yet. "Waiting to Die" is a good end-of-workout song, simply because that's what were all doing at that point.


    Various albums- What can I say, I like the "nu-metal" thing. KoRn just has that crunchy-grinding-angry sound that I like when moving heavy objects around.

    Cradle of Filth:

    Damnation and a Day, Nymphetamine, and Thornography (Special editions too)- The boys, and two girls, from back home simply deliver for me. This is actually what I have playing while driving to, and back from, the gym. The fact that I can actually sing along with Dani (lead singer) makes this even better. The look on all the peoples faces in the parking lot and nearby drive-thru makes it priceless.

    Dir en Grey:

    Withering to Death- Some good Japanese hard rock/metal for those days when I just don't give a damn anymore.


    These guys just rock, Metallica on cellos is just epic!

    Marylin Manson:

    Assorted tracks- Fight Song, mOBSCENE, Disposable Teens, and This is the new ****.

    There's also some other stuff on there from various artist CD's and movie sound tracks, but this is just what my 1 GB can hold.

    So what do you lot listen to while working out; or for that matter, would like to listen to while working out.
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  2. i still with you on the nu-metal bandwagon: I roll with Rage, Korn, Primer 55, Slipknot, Soulfly, Hatebreed, Throwdown, Five FInger Death Punch, and DMX

  3. Nothing like a little Simon and Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson to get me moto !!!

  4. The hits of Mr. Lionel Richie gets me pretty f'n pumped

  5. ya know, i was thinking about trying out Frank Sinatra Sr.

  6. I listen to Chimaira and Lamb of God. You'll also find some Five Finger Death Punch in my headphones. Chimaira is a great f'n band to get you pumped, same with LoG.

  7. Disturbed.

    Get Psycho (Meaning of life)

  8. Killswitch, dark new day and sevendust mostly.

    Some rise against mixed in too.

  9. Nothing beats pantera

  10. Quote Originally Posted by HardTrainer View Post
    Nothing beats pantera

    Pantera is a great band, but sometimes I found myself headbanging instead of lifting- so they were not allowed to be gym music.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Edward Nigma View Post
    Pantera is a great band, but sometimes I found myself headbanging instead of lifting- so they were not allowed to be gym music.
    lol the only reason i could imagine Pantera being not allowed someplace... and not having it an insult to the band.

  12. air supply, neil sedaka, barry manilow...

    +1 on the rammstein! sevendust, disturbed.

  13. Bad Brains - Big Takeover
    Bad Brains - Right Brigade
    Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown
    Metallica, Sepultura, Slayer, Pantera (although I agree with the posters above about getting "too into the music")

    But I must mention again...Bad Brains - Big Takeover, sh*t gets me pumped like nothing on this earth. I need absolutely no pre-wo supp with that on my Ipod.

  14. Well I may be the only one here, but some viking metal music gets the job done for me.

    Amon Amarth

  15. Marilyn Manson. haha It pisses me off, helps me move some good weight around.

  16. Black Sabbath, Stooges, AC/DC, ie. the roots of metal really rocket!

  17. Here try this...

    Artist: Somatic
    Track: Propaganda
    Time: 1:16:27
    Year: 2004
    Genre: Hardcore

    He's a friend that DJ's in Los Angeles. Reps if you can catch all the movie cuts in there. I'll go ahead and throw my favorite out:

    'You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye"
    Strongest On The Market
    RECOVERBRO: Est. Post #3222

  18. ceremony
    bitter end
    mother of mercy
    let down
    martyr a.d.

  19. I have found the best power music is not one that is just hardcore pumping bass through your skull. It is usually a song that triggers an emotional response, or sends you into a day dream. A song where the words take your mind out of its box and put you into another world. It is these songs that if applied right I find trigger an immense increase in willingness to burn through the pain.

  20. Static X -Destroyer

  21. Britney Spears..... nothin gets me more fired up

  22. PANTERA!!!!!
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  23. Rammstein-"Sonne", Seether-"Out of my Way", Hatebreed-"Live for This", Korn-"Coming Undone", Clawfinger-"Biggest and the Best", and the greatest benchpressing song of all, Enter Sandman by Metallica

  24. Five Finger Death Punch owns my gym play list but also on there is As I lay Dying, Lamb of God, Slipknot and Pantera. Pantera's Domination and 5fdp White Knuckle are defintely my power songs, more weight more reps everytime.


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