Getting back into the game !!!

  1. Getting back into the game !!!

    I was a very competitive powerlifter up untill 01, when i got hurt.
    with a pr of 485,385,485 @148
    i won the wabdl nationals with a 380 bench, and 460 dead @ 148 back in 2001.
    I was trying to make a comeback in 04/05 with
    lifts of 495,425,490 @ 165 but got sidelined for a couple of years.
    so hear we r started training again back in may of this year.
    as of last week i hit a 355 raw bench, and 445 raw squat, havnt maxed my dead yet but will probanly be 450-475.
    right now im weighing around 167 so looking to compete @ 165.
    my goal is to hit 385-375 raw(440-450 w/shirt), 465-475 raw squat(495-515 w/suit & wraps).
    and maybe pull 500, all tjis by late feb of next year.

  2. Good luck,.. and welcome!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. thank you :-)

    Im glad i found this forum seems very informative.

  4. The people here really go by the slogan,.. learn, teach, lead!!! I've found this site to be nothing but helpful!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

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