squatting and deadlifting on the same day??

  1. squatting and deadlifting on the same day??

    so the place i go...for the ME lower body exercise, we ALWAYS do either a GM or Deadlift variation...we NEVER do box squats for max effort...we only do those for dynamic effort...

    so i was thinking about doing an ME box squat before the ME deadlift or GM...is that a good idea?? or is it over-training??

    the workout would look like this...

    ME Box Squat (work up to a 2-5 rep max, depending on the week)
    ME GM or Deadlift variation (work up to the 2-5 RM, dep on week)
    Reverse Hypers (3 x 10)
    Weighted Abdominal Variation (3 x 15)
    4 x 30 yard forward sled drags
    4 x 30 yard backward sled drags

  2. It shouldn't be a problem. A lot of people train squat and deadlift in the same session, as they work a lot of the same muscles.

  3. Personally I feel that after ME deads, my erectors are burnt and I can not get a good ME Squat in,,but thats me man....

  4. why can't you move it to a different day
    SFW and GFH
  5. Smile

    i train my deads eow, on my heavy pull day.
    works for me

  6. I typically do not train them on the same day. At one point I was squatting twice a week and deadlifting twice a week on different days and had great success. Here is an example:

    Squat, no accommodative resistence
    Bench, lockout emphasis

    Bench, straight weight
    Dead variation
    Bench, bands and boards

    Squat with accommodative resistence
    bench with chains
    SSB squat variations

    paused bench
    dead variation
    bench with bands, no boards.

    worked better than anything else I ever tried. I recovered fine. It's all in how you control your volume and intensity.


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