sixteen and need help

  1. sixteen and need help

    im 16 and am looking to get big for next football season... im kinda new to working out though. i know like basic workouts to do and stuff but i was wondering if anyone had some advice or workout routines i could use to help... and comments would help

  2. Talk to your coach. Look for a local Trainer. I could give u my workout but it would be pointless without a diet and proper form and such.

  3. Just starting out, week 1, 1 set per bodypart, compound movements, 3 times a week(M-W-F). Second week, go to 2 sets per bodypart, and 3 week, 3 sets per bodypart. This in my opinion, is the best way for a beginner to progress. Remember, compound movements though. You can advance to a push/pull routine after 2-3 months on M-W-F's. Eat good and be consistent, and at your age you will grow like a weed!! Good luck!!!
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  4. 6'4" and 175. methinks an ecto has joined our forums

    as bonscott says, compound movements are the best for mass. in addition to that, compound movements, especially things like clean and press are great indicators of FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH, which is key to any contact sport.

    give this a shot maybe, and see how it treats you. as bonscott said, try 1 set your first week, 2 your second, and work your way up to 4 sets maybe.

    The Ectomorph Workout

  5. Suncloud's thread is a great option for growing mass as well as some strength.

    For sheer power and strength for football I would recommend "Starting Strength".

    Depends really on your position. If you're inside linebacker or a lineman, I'd say Starting Strength for a while first then use the Ecto Workout. If your a Running Back I'd use the Ecto plus something like weighted sprints or plyometrics.
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  6. for football cleans, squats, bench, and deadlifts are key. cleans and squats in particular is what you need. plus diet.

  7. You're going to need to eat. Nutrition's 80% of bodybuilding. Squats, cleans, deads, bench, and snatches are your best friends. For football you will benefit from not only size but also power and explosiveness. I'd cycle weeks of hypertrophy and weeks where you train for power/strength.

    Power is defined as strength x speed. This is useful in sports like football. So for your power phase you should be doing a routine like this, you may alter the routine after 12 weeks.

    Monday: Pushing movements:chest shoulder emphasis
    Clean and jerks
    Bench press
    Incline bench press (this exercise is very important in sports)

    Tuesday: Pulling movements Back emphasis
    Pull ups
    BO Barbell rows

    Wednesday: Off

    Thursday: Triceps, biceps, grip
    Close grip bench press
    French press
    Tricep pressdowns
    Farmers walks
    Barbell holds
    21s (the biceps only need 3-6 sets)

    Friday: Legs
    More squats

    Then repeat. You can do the same scheduled routine for both the hypertrophy and the power weeks. Just do higher reps for hypertrophy and lower for power. Power week should be using fast reps.

    I'd do 5-6 sets of everything. Squats and SLDLs should each be 7 sets each add in a leg press if you feel you need to. Leg extensions are useless in a football training program and hardly have a use in a bodybuilding program.

    Now the nutrition aspect will require a lot of eating, I'm thinking you're an ecto? If so this will be even more important. You'll need to eat atleast 4000 calories a day, hard but not impossible. I'm forced to do the same thing. Have 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight because anymore is used as glucose or if glucose supplys aren't short then it becomes fat.

    Eat lots of carbs 500 grams a day is a good mark to shoot for. Don't forget your healthy fats too.

    Hope this helps, any questions ask or PM me.


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