O.lifting help

  1. O.lifting help

    Hi all, im new to olympic lifting. I have a problem that i need help with.
    It is the overhead squat. When i do a normal squat or front squat, my shins stays vertical throughout the whole down and up movement the weight stays on my heels and i push with my hips. However when i do overhead squat my shins moves forward towards my toes, this means that all the weights are concentrated on my toes instead on heels and i can't push with my hips. THis puts a lot of pressure on my knees. If i try to make my shins staying vertical i could only go 1/4 of the way down and it feels awkward as i cannot lock the weights overhead and feel like they are tip forward. Are there ways to improve my locking problem as well as the squatting problem? Thanks!!

  2. You're going to have to lock the bar above your head slightly behind the medial frontal plane. It took many tries to learn balance points before I got it down perfectly. Each time I went slower and lower to build stability and balance.

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