Maybe i'm retarded...

  1. Maybe i'm retarded...

    But switching to powerlifting from bodybuilding is justdjlsjdfkljsd-the best way to explain it lol

    As a person who gets overwhelmed easily im reading now on bench day- use your little finger inside your ring finger grip on bench and submaximal efforts then max out then blablala ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I tried reading bill starrs 5x5 aswell but place I read it was kinda hit or miss they were saying 2.5 more percent weight for 3 reps on the 2nd day like ah wtf?

    Yeah, i know im probably oging to get the "research" but i've been and im just 0_0

    Could anyone explain the gist of it to me, and key points, or just give me a simple routine to follow?

  2. Could I get this thread deleted, im gunna post a new one since i've suddenl[B[/B]y regained brain power :P

  3. if your having issues with the "how-to" of the sport and the lifts then I would spend time learning how to correctly perform them before jumping into a routine that looks good at the time but you end up doing more damage then good.

    If your like me, you may be more of a visual learner, so a picture book or DVD may benefit you more.

    look through youtube for videos.. they make some good instructional dvd's...

  4. Dude, relax. It's just lifting weights. The best way to learn is to find some knowledgeable guys in your area that powerlift, or even just some old-school strength training, and hang out with them for 5-10 years, lol. Just lift heavy weights and don't get too caught up in the details. Don't major in the minors.

  5. It takes experimentation to find out what'll work best for you, but you need to work on deads squats, and bench- the big three. REps lower than 6 for strength don't go to failure on the big three for the stress on the CNS. That would ultimately lead to over training.

    Bench where you're comfortable, arch your back drive up hard, explode up from your chest at the bottom of the movement.



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