Dutch does does another video @ 67

  1. Dutch does does another video @ 67

    I posted this in the "Over 35" Forum but thought some of you might be interested . Since I just turned 67 I thought I'ld do another video. This time I decided to do the HS (Hammer Strength) Triceps Pressdowns. I did this this AM and my cameraman missed the first rep (you can just hear the clank) but he got the next 4 reps, all done at 610 lbs (ie 12 X 45 + 2 X 35). By the way I also upped my HS BP this year from 360 to 380. Now 20 lbs ain't much to you youngsters but to me it's a lot at this stage of my life. LOL. I guess my message is that it ain't over til WE say it's over, so keep it up you have decades of growth, health and fun ahead of you.

    YouTube - Dutch @ 67 does Hammer Strength

  2. 67. . . .i for one applaud your commitment and dedication, well done

  3. Freakin awesome Dutch! I love how the camera shakes when the weight touches down

    <--- that's an understatement!

  4. I wish I had a grandpa I could call if I needed backup in a fight LOL.

  5. Holy crap... Very nice

  6. You are a monster, Dutch. Keep showin us young guys where it's at.


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