So I had my second meet this past weekend...

  1. So I had my second meet this past weekend...

    Meet was the APF-AAPF Rise of the Deadlift & Beast of the Bench Press in Willowbrook, IL, competed at 242 in Masters 40-44. it was a relatively small meet, but just as exciting.

    I hit my goals, i finally got my 315 bench on my 2nd attempt, but was unable to close the deal on 336 on my third. I also got my goal of a 501 dl on my second attempt, and pulled a 540 for my third. I think i finally got a good handle on my warmups, even though I rushed my DL warmpus.

    unfortunately I wasnt able to squat, the goal was 500.

    (just to put in perspective, my first meet was in June, i squated and DLed 440 in each for my 3rd attempt. Bench goal had been 315, but got redlighted on 2nd and 3rd attempts due to technicalities, so only got my opener of 265).

    Coolest part: watching Craig Tokarski DL 766lbs raw, and 18yr old Eric Lilliebridge bench 457lbs and DL 727lbs, both raw too.

    Now just relaxing this week, starting a new 12week wave next week. I am aiming on competing every 3months to gauge the success of a wave, hopefully the numbers will keep pace with my goals.

  2. Great job and good luck in your next meet

  3. nice dood! What won your class?
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  4. Quote Originally Posted by thaOrleanyte View Post
    nice dood! What won your class?
    Unfortunately I left before the awards, I had a lot of out of town family at the meet and I felt bad staying after having them there for 6hrs. I have been checking the apf-illinois site to see what the reuslts were but they haven't been posted yet...

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