Question on Inzer Blasr shirt

  1. Question on Inzer Blasr shirt

    I am a raw lifter, and there are certain numbers I wanted to hit before starting to use pl gear. on the bench I want to get to 405 in competition, and a 600Squat/650DL (current bests in competition are 440sq/314b/540dl)

    I have read the the blast is a great entry level shirt, that provides support but that it is still all you when it comes to doing the lifting- essentially it does not add to your numbers like a normal bench shirt.

    can someone corroborate this? if true, then I might get one to add some shoulder stability, and still feel/know it's me doing all the work. Any sharing of personal experiences with that shirt would be appreciated.

  2. I thought the same thing along time ago about a basic shirt. Save your time and money, don't get a blast shirt. Add some extra money with and go straight to the Rage X.

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