Waking up early for work and powerlifting

  1. Waking up early for work and powerlifting

    I've gotten used to working 2nd shift and sleeping in as late as I want everyday. Now I am on 1st shift and wake up at 5:30am everyday, so i'll be working out in the afternoon around 3pm. My job isn't physically demanding or anything, just alot of walking. So i'm wondering if this new schedule is going to hurt my gains because of less sleep than what im used to. Anyone else get up early for work and powerlift in the afternoon/evening?

  2. I do when i'm not injured! lol. I get up around 6am and get off of work at 5pm and lift at 6pm or 6.30pm. I'd say the first 2 weeks or so you may have to get used to he but once you do you'll be fine. You just have to go to bed early!

  3. You gotta train when you can bud, I would love to be able to just train, nap, eat...but sadly we live in the real world....

  4. me too. i get up at 530 every day work a construction job and train 2-3 days a week. i get home around 330-4pm,rest up,take my supps and have at it for an hour give or take. ive been doing this for years and it works fine as long as you go to bed at a reasonable time. i feel this is an optimal time frame for training since it gives me time to shower, have dinner and spend time with my T.V. uh...i mean family haha

  5. Satyricon is the ****, frost is the best drummer on the earth, be sure to check out their p3 session vids on youtube. Just search for "satyricon p3 sessions" Great powerlifting music.,.,

  6. thanks for the link man. satyricon is def one of my favorite bands to listen to while training. i also like opeth,dimmu borgir,amorphis,behemoth,acid bath.....etc. only problem is after an hour of heavy lifting and loud evil tunes its hard to come down and be human again hahaha.

  7. I have been comtemplating changing my training to 2 days per week. I work Mon-Fri leaving the house around 630am and get home around 430. By the time I eat and relax a bit and get a few supplements down the hatch its usually 7-730 time frame and it put me getting back to the house pretty late. This in turn usually puts me in the bed around 1030pm or even later at times. I am thinking about just changing my lifting days to either Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday, one upper and one lower. This should give me much more rest while still getting in what I need.

  8. You only need 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night, i function fine on 6 hours a night. I have lifted at 7a.m. all the way to going to the gym at 11p.m. and leaving the gym at 1 in the freakin morning. If you love it you will do what it takes. Go pick up some Lean Dreams by ALRI, it really helps me get into a deeper sleep faster and I feel really rested with less sleep! Another thing I discovered was I feel great all day long if I get 7 hours of sleep or 9 to 9.5. for some reason if I get 8 hours I always feel I need a nap in the afternoon, go figure that one out. Hope this helps.


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