How does this weekly program sound?

  1. How does this weekly program sound?

    Not sure which days to do which exercises. So I was thinking:

    monday - bench
    wednesday - deadlift
    friday - squat

    rest all other days.

    Anyone have anything that might work better for a beginner?
    I'm taking everyones advice and dropping the deadlift and squat poundage until I develop good form. But for bench I go as heavy as possible. I got 300 for almost 2 reps this morning so i'm happy with it. I do this doubles and triples program my dad taught me when I was in high school and it almost always adds 5lbs a week to the bench. I'd start with a couple sets of 135 for about 10 reps to get loose. Then the doubles and triples:

    300x2 <---goal

    If I met my goal for the last double, I would add 5lbs for next weeks workout.

    After the above, I do 3 sets of pauses as heavy as possible, the last rep would always be forced with a spotter if I could find someone, if not I just used the spotter pegs on the bench.

    so 250x3 pauses for 3 sets.

    Then 3 sets of closegrips for 5 reps.
    so 225 x 5 for 3 reps.

    And thats it for bench. I used to do this on monday and thursday, but it seems to work only once a week. So how does this prgram sound? Bench monday, deadlift wednesday. squat friday?

  2. Rearrange the 3 lifts so there is more space between the Squat and Deadlift than just one day, since there is a lot of overlap in the muscles they work.

    Do the Sqt or Dead on Monday, and vice-versa on Friday, this leaves 2 and 3 days rest in between.

    As you progress you may notice one of these two hits you harder than the other, if so, do that one so it is followed by the 3 day rest.

    The Bench of course goes Wednesday, and the same pattern holds for any other 3 non-consecutive days of the week.

  3. Seems like you would be lacking quite a bit of supplementary and accessory moves...

    Are you interested in seeing a Westside Template?
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  4. Where can I see the westside template? I really need a solid program to stick with.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by firstbat71 View Post
    Where can I see the westside template? I really need a solid program to stick with.
    If i post this up, you need to promise you will follow it and put everything you have into it...

    I am working on a Thread as we speak... :bb3:
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //



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