1. 5x5

    any comments about this program for beginning in more of a powerlifting style?

    StrongLifts 5×5 Beginner Strength Training Program | StrongLifts.com

  2. How long have you been training?

    If you are a bit more experienced I might recommend Bill Starr's 5x5 program. Just google the former and it will pop up. He also has an intermediate program and they all work off of excel.

  3. thanks for the reply FF. actually have trained on & off for quite a few years. have mostly followed "bodybuilding" type splits though. i'd like to stick to compound moves like three times a week because of time constraints & still achieve more than just maintenance. i know that one can't squat/deadlift & bench every session. trying to optimize thi concept if there is such a thing

  4. I did 5x5 for a while, but honestly GVT by Poliquin has been much more effective for me.

  5. i've done a 5x5 program at our high school. it doesnt seem to be too bad, but i noticed some plateau badly and also our coaches dont change the program often so that could be part of the problem... dumb a$$es lol

  6. 5x5 is a sound program that will help you get a soild base and add some strength gains. The trick is not missing any weights/sets/reps. Combine this with a soild eating plan and getting the necessary rest required you will see quaily gains from it


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