I did a cycle of EPidrol. i gained 4 kg and a lot of strenght. I started PCT with nolvadex, 40 (3 days) and now i'm on 20 mg.

creatine, b-alanine, tirosine, omega 3 support.
weight i do:
1 day chest - back. 1 day shoulder. 1 day arms.
3x3 for strenght. 3 x 8 for mass + 3 x 12 for pump.
for leg i do sprint, squat, dead.
the weight is the same and the strenght is up.i gained a pound of fat but i try to eat a lot to kept gain. but now i go to holiday for 4 week and I can train only for another week (2 week of training in the pct). is a problem? or i can rest?
Or i should try to do same training? swim, free body exercise, runnng, sprinting and so on