Iforce Bold and Methadrol

  1. Iforce Bold and Methadrol

    FInishing up an 8 week cycle of Methadrol and Bold by Iforce.

    Wondering what you all might recommend that I can get thru Nutraplanet or some of the brick and mortyr stores

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  2. SERM!!! the superdrol needs a serm

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rob561 View Post
    SERM!!! the superdrol needs a serm
    it's not superdrol. it's the direct precursor to boldenone

  4. ^methadrol is a superdrol clone.if u dont want to use serm,try their new pct product reversitol.it has res,atd,6-bromo,i3c and icariin(i think).they claim that product is enough for their bol/methadrol

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