Dosing retain2? PCT HELP!!!

  1. Dosing retain2? PCT HELP!!!

    I just started cort control @ day 15 with retain2 at 6 a day for 1 week, 4 a day for 1 week, and 2 a day for 1 week. Is this adequate or should I run a cort control for longer. Also if I need to run it for longer or at a higher dose please give me some alternatives I could substitute in because retain2 is no longer produced.


  2. 3-4 weeks is all you should run it for...

  3. Thanks. Does the dosing look correct?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by donkeykong View Post
    Thanks. Does the dosing look correct?
    I am not familiar with the product but I have ran LX a few times at the recommended dosages of 4 caps/day for 30 days ...

  5. wat u mean retain 2 is no longer produced fark i luved that stuff u positive its gone


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