PCT for Super Mastervol???

  1. Smile PCT for Super Mastervol???

    Hi guys, I am going to get started on a stack of Super Mastervol and 4-AD, mixed with the following supplements:

    Omega-3 Fish Oil (natural anti-inflammatory)
    Super Cissus Rx (good for joints and my partial RC tear)
    One a Day multivitamins for Men
    Perfect Cycle (Liver Protectant)

    What I have for a PCT so far is Arom-X and I wanted to know if that would be a good choice. I am going to use it because I already paid for it, but is there anything else I can use?


  2. start doing some major research!

    A) don't stack anything with Mastervol ( that's a highly toxic steroid by itself - this is a clone of superdrol)

    B) (I also told you this in another thread yesterday) Arom-X is not sufficient PCT.

    C) you shouldn't be taking something like this while you're injured - you're going to be putting too much strain on your joint and connective tissue

    D) Perfect Cycle is not enough protection for superdrol - look into Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations

    do yourself a favor and spend a couple months researching and letting your body heal before you consider doing this.

    check out:No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT

    there is a ton of information in that thread that you are going to need for the above mentioned products.

    The PCT that you will need is not something you can get over the counter!

    do some research on superdrol, this isn't something to take lightly.

    also, stop buying Advanced Muscle Science products...they're not very reputable.

    if after everything you decide to continue with a superdrol clone then look int CEL M-Drol...at least you'll know what you're putting in your body. (CEL's Quality is second to none)
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  3. also, be prepared...a propper PCT is probably going to start around $120

    additional support supps are going to be "needed" too...more $$$
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  4. ok so after having a big scare with my liver (AST enzyme was high), everything is back to normal and my shoulder is doing much better since I have not worked out in a while. However, the doctor prescribed me some Zoloft for anxiety, sometimes I feel like I have a race within myself. He prescribed me only 50 mg a day, since my anxiety is very mild. Question is, can I still run the stack I had mentioned before? Of course with the PCT you guys have already recommended...

  5. no supperdrol and clones will lower estrogen and dopamine levels too much. this will cause a lot of anxiety and panic attacks.

  6. I agree with the above posters... You are already having issues with liver enzymes as well as problems with anxiety. Superdrol and its clones are extremely liver toxic and with you just getting everything back to normal, I would stay as far away from it as possible. On top of being very liver toxic, it is also extremely supressive, thus making your anxiety issues escalate towards the end of your cycle and PCT. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this compound or its clones...


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