HELP! PLEASE (is it too late) -

HELP! PLEASE (is it too late)

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    Question HELP! PLEASE (is it too late)

    Last october I ran testanate50 for 4 weeks followed by a PCT of novedex xt for 4 weeks while using livercare for the 8 weeks. Everything was great, no problems. About 2-3 months ago I started testanate50 for 4 weeks again (this time with no liver care), tried tren for 1 1/2 weeks rite after and noticed my balls shrink, couldnt get hard, and in a depressed ****ty mood. So I tried a few different natural testosterone boosters for about a week each. Im in a very ****ty mood and feel no motivation or confidence or ne thing. I think its either really low test levels or liver dysfunction. So is it too late to run livercare and novedex xt?? will this get me back to normal?? any advice appreciated

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    answered this question for CaliKid in another thread.

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