checklist for keeping gains post cycle. Input appreciated

  1. checklist for keeping gains post cycle. Input appreciated

    1. Proper PCT. Not only do I need my SERM of choice, but a natty T booster to get production up asap as well as cortisol control, all dosed and administered appropriately.

    1. Do my best to train as intensely through PCT and beyond as I did while on cycle, for as long as I can keep it up. Don't give in to the crash!

    2. Same goes for caloric intake. I may not feel as hungry as I did while on, but all my newfound muscle still needs the cals. If I get a bit fatter, so be it, I can work on that once I'm sure I'm maintaining as much gains as I can with my normalized test levels.

    Is there anything critical I'm leaving out? Experienced test users especially, please try to think of all your past mistakes when it comes to keeping your gains, so that people like me who are taking their learning seriously don't have to experience them.

  2. I also usually cycle off creatine while ON, I usually add it back into the mix during PCT...this usually helps me in post cycle.

    I usually also add in something for mental focus and energy like RPM to ensure that my workouts kick butt even during the PCT blues.

    sometimes (especially if you were lean before) it's really hard to fight the desire to recomp too I like that you mention that in #2!
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