Do I have gyno?

  1. Do I have gyno?

    I've done a lot of forum lurking on delayed gyno/estrogen rebound and I can't figure out if I have it or not.

    I did a cycle of SD...20/20/20 upped it to 30 a little toward the end.

    Then for a PCT I ran novla.

    About 2 weeks after, I began noticing my chest started to fill out bit in the upper chest. I actually kind of liked the way it was starting to look, as I've been the really skinny kid my whole life.

    Then I started to get a sensitive right nipple. It is not a pain but it's definitely an awkward feeling and i notice it gets erect when the other one doesn't from time to time.

    So I started some nolva but I'm begging to run low. (Almost out) At 20mg a day for the last 4 or 5 days now. Still have the feeling in the nipple.

    I don't have a lump or hard tissue blow my nipple or when I press it. I'm not lactating (even when i squeeze). But there's definitely something sitting above my chest muscle that's a bit squishy. When I flex its all muscle.

    I'm not sure what to do? What sups I should take to see if it'll go away? I mean if it's the development of breast tissue it wouldn't happen in the upper chest would it?

    Please advise.

  2. are you really 6'5 170?

  3. i'd get some more nolva and run 20mg every day until the feeling goes away. if it doesn't go away in like 2-3 weeks then consult a medical doctor.

  4. Yeah, I'm out of Novla as of today.

    20mg for 5 days and the symptoms have not increased but have not subsided either. I'll be traveling soon for a few days so the plan is to keep it in check with a hefty dose of an ATD (Novedex XT)...took 4 last night with my last shot of novla. Along with some trib so I can still get hard...

    Then when I return I should have more novla, and I'll get back on it. That's alright to do .. right?



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