A gap between cycle and pct- help please

  1. A gap between cycle and pct- help please

    I did a 4 week cycle of Halodrol-50 and because of poor planning I did not have PCS when I was done. There will be a 2 week gap between cycle and PCT. What is my best course of action now??


  2. You could order some 6oxo or similar product from NutraPlanet and have it in 3 days or so.

    I'm sure you know this now, but the moral to the story is always have all your PCT stuff BEFORE you start your cycle.

  3. Why do you have to wait 2 weeks. When did you finish the cycle? You an order ur pct now and have it in 2 days

  4. I have 6-oxo and was using it right after cycle but was advised not to use it right away, to wait a couple of weeks but start PCS right away. I also went and got novedex XT. I was told I don't want to suppress estrogen right after the cycle because the level would be very low.

  5. My Pcs has been delivered to my ex's house but I can't get down there due to work schedule.

  6. How long have u been off the H drol? I wouldve just stayed on for another 2 weeks.

  7. Been off for a week. Should I continue to use novedex or 6-oxo until I get PCS? Also, what else should I be taking to keep my gains and get back to normal?

  8. Its PCT not PCS. Just lettin ya know.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by RedwolfWV View Post
    Its PCT not PCS. Just lettin ya know.
    PCS=Post Cycle Support

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    PCS=Post Cycle Support

    My mistake... went back and re-read.

  11. I will be getting the PCS tomorrow so I will start taking that. Should I just continue taking the 6-oxo along with PCS or wait another week?

  12. Use the oxo till you get the PCS then start that aswell.

  13. Thanks Leet. I had a dream last night that I started losing my hair and growing b**bies. Obviously I'm stressing about this.


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