Which is best.. and how should i incorporate this into a cycle im going to do in the near future... ive been doing research and i am liking the arimidex and proviron more than novaldex.. but am told novaldex is good.. here is what i have come up with so far.. the cycle from beginning to end..

my stats are 6`4 200lbs, very lean build, age: 22

weeks 1-5 : Test-E. 500mg\week ; Dbol 30mg\day

weeks 5-10 : Test-E. 500mg\week

weeks 1-10 : Novaldex 25mg\day

Weeks 10-11 : 600u\HCG Monday, Wednesday, Friday

weeks 13-14 : Novladex 40mg\day (weeks 13-14) ; Clomid 100mg\day (week 13) ; Clomid 50mg\day (week 14)

Weeks 15-16 : Novladex 20mg\day (weeks 15-16) ; Clomid 50mg\day (week 15 only)