lol crap...

  1. lol crap...

    So I'm still gathering pieces for my upcoming havoc cycle. I go to a canadian pharmacy website to order some nolva and some finasteride. Website is really nice, very well put together, professional, etc. I call to check out customer service to be extra safe and everything seemed legit. So I buy the stuff.

    A week later and I have no shipping or tracking info. I call again and they give me a number. I enter it in the usps website and it says that my parcel has been dropped off for shipping from MUMBAI!

    LOL ****ing MUMBAI! Great. Now I get to worry if my stuff is going to kill me, do what it's supposed to do, or give me an extra testicle. crap.

  2. lol wtf is mumbai?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by brandon615 View Post
    lol wtf is mumbai?
    formerly known as Bombay, the capital of india

  4. Oh jeez... This has happened to me once before. I did not use the stuff I bought because I was a bit concerned. Luckily, I found a great RS site and the rest is history.

    I sold the stuff to a friend of mine and he used it with great, GREAT results! Man, that sucks for me!

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