pct for testanate

  1. pct for testanate

    how i should i dose the novedex xt, mg per mg each week thx

  2. bump need a pct setup for testanate 50.. that will use novedex xt.

    should i run it 40/30/30/20 mg

  3. bump again.. im gonna run novedex 40/40/40 or 40/40/40/40 and then begin another cycle of testanate after week 3.. doing a competition in may thats the only reason why i need to get back on.. loads of cycle history
  4. novedex xt ain't enough...

    Quote Originally Posted by Blazay View Post
    bump need a pct setup for testanate 50.. that will use novedex xt.

    should i run it 40/30/30/20 mg

    Unless you live in Canada like me (and can't get your hands on Nolvadex, unless it is for lab rats) get a real SERM like Nolvadex, Clomid etc...

    If you do live in Canada (and can't get what you need) here is what I am using for PCT for Testanate50:

    • Leane xtreme for cortisol control
    • Activate for a test booster
    • SawPalmetto
    • Milk Thistle

    Oh, and if you get bad headaches in the first few days like I did, pick up some Hawthorne (pills or liquid). This did wonders for my freakin head......Pretty sure the Testanate50 jacked my BP up way high...

    Remember, this stuff is potent so listen to your body. If you feel like you are unsure or if your body gets really sick while you're taking something, then stop taking it and start your PCT early...

  5. Forgot to mention that you can use Novedex XT with these as well... Not sure about dosages (ask one of the more experienced guys).

    FYI - Novedex XT by Gaspari fooled me too the first time I went looking for a REAL PCT product. Either get a real SERM or get the stuff I listed above if your definitely doing to run Testanate...



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