The Final Word

  1. The Final Word

    Ok I am taking a 4 week havoc cycle, 20,20,30,30 (maybe 40).I have heard a SERM is always needed, i have also heard a SERM isn't needed. I have read that PCS by AI has SERM like factors built in specifically for havoc or epi like compunds. Some take only pcs others take a SERM, pcs and a non hormonal stack such as rebound xt. I just want to know what the final word is, what is needed/safe/smart for a 4 week havoc cycle with the dosages mentioned above. Thank you

  2. One mans final word will differ from another mans. You will probably never get everyone to agree on a PCT protocol especially for mild epithio (sp?) compounds.

  3. Like Brandon said, there is no right answer. There are many good opinions on how to do your PCT, I like Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) by Anthony Roberts

    That being said, search the forums and you will find plenty of other protocols that work. AI's PCS is nice because it is legal, whereas some other options are a bit less legal.

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