It's time to get the edge back--->

  1. It's time to get the edge back--->

    hey, y'all. i don't want to waste much of your time, so i'll just come right on out with it. i try to not use supplements much, but i have weakened at times and this is definitely one of them. i look/feel like a big...poser...right now, because i had said when i first came to AM that i did not advocate supplement usage all of the time. that' partially true and, definitely, partially false. i do not take lots of creatines/fat burners/etc. all the time, unless i have reached a tough spot. my supplement stash, had i posted a picture, is quite small. protein and vitamins, though i have some NO shotgun i got for a steal at 20 bucks a tub for 3 tubs. man, i sound like i'm at an AA meeting. i just don't want y'all to think i'm some kind of a liar. but... i digress. here goes. i was planning, as of yesterday, an H-drol cycle. it would be a one bottle/4 week cycle. and i'll come clean and be honest. it was the before/after pics of that one young man who set it off, the one who did the halovar on the dirty bulk. i want my size back. i plan this for sometime in the summer, as i have to really plan it, AND, i have no money until then anyhow for all the stuff i'll need. my question is this: what is proper pct for this compound? i have a bottle of liquinolva for emergencies leftover from the superdrol saga, which should still be good, as i'm sure a sealed bottle will have been fine for a year. i used one bottle for two cycles and i had bought two initially, as i was sure i would, i don't know, do a lot of cycles, but i haven't really.

    i am 24 years old. i have done two cycles before, but of a different compound.

    it requires completely different planning than that of a superdrol, which i had done a couple cylces of in the past (made good gains, but didn't like the sides; wouldn't do it again, so my knowledge of that is moot, as i won't take it again). over time, i lost my gains anyhow. i can't say exactly how. i've done it all since then: worked out with an over-training (at least for me) powerlifting team, dieting, etc. i lost my strength somewhere. i'm still strong, but i want to get the edge back.

    on cycle, i'll of course take my proper liver protectants and also pre-load too.

    i was thinking that a good pct might be, for the halordrol:

    post cycle support from NP
    6 oxo or the wallet-friendly equivalent if i can find it
    milk thistle/NAC
    hawthorne berry
    celery root
    DHEA 25 mg tabs
    +300 cals of food excess from what i had been eating on cycle

    the thing is, is that i don't know what to do with the post cycle support and 6 oxo, or the DHEA for that matter. i realize that the halodrol does not aromatize, so estrogen will be relatively low. so would i wait a while to do the 6 oxo, doing the PCS first. or would i do them both together?
    and in what kind of numbers. the 6 oxo at 1,2,3,2? with the PCS being 3,2,1,1? i would really appreciate help on this future endeavor.

    i do this because we all want that body we see under our eyelids, and i will only do it safely. through learning, i know i can do both. learning takes time, and that why i am asking now, so that i'm ready in the near future. thanks y'all.


  2. i've been looking at this all day, but what one man says conflicts what the other man says and so on.

    lots of people out there recommend every pct product under the sun. there must be one that is made for this. i have been reading, and i have found that 6 oxo SEEMS to be optimal. i have also looked into posts about the PCS. ideally we wanna make normalized our estrogen if it's up and totally raise our testosterone since it's down. so, if i were to do, like i typed, after being off the halodrol a 1,2,3,2 scheme with the 6 oxo while doing something of a full on approach through PCT with the PCS, would that be good? also, i don't imagine that the DHEA would block cortisol alone would it?(i re-realize that the PCS full on until PCT is over, would that work?. i have looked at so many supps today it's not even funny. but i got it straight now. i got it confused with some other product in the previous post). sorry for sounding like a dumbass. der.

  3. i realize that, for reasons, assisting those who are less knowledgable can become an annoyance due to the matter at hand.

    i, myself, have seen many who had no business looking into these materials ask questions. i cordially told them they should do more research. i do know what i'm doing, though. perhaps not so much with this compound, but with ones that heavilyaromatize, i know what to do. this is a slightly different thing and i wanna make sure i handle this optimally without overkill. can anyone give me some kind of a sign that we are all in this pursuit together?

  4. to prove i know what to do, i did my superdrol three week cycles
    1/2/2. i preloaded with nac/milk thistle. for three days 1 just took 1 dose of each and for five i took a double dose of each.

    while on cycle, i took a does of milk thistle between my doses of the drol.

    coming off, i followed a pct of:

    nolva: 20/20/20 (don't believe in ramping down, plus it was a light cycle)
    novedex xt 3/2/2/1
    milk thistle/double doses between anti-estros (4 hrs)
    celery root

    i know about this stuff. help me, brothers.
  5. RoidGracie
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    Well, I'm finishing my 4 week H-Drol run on Sunday. My results were not spectacular, but my training could have been cranked up more. Bottom line, I gained LBM, lost about an inch in the waist with not changes to diet and very little cardio. I don't "feel" supressed, but I was tired at times, however, once the workouts did start, I had more fire than usual. My stamina was also up a bit in my mma training/jiu jitsu, something I have not done in over 3 years but just dove back in and was able to do at least 3 two minute rounds (again, no cardio or mat time). In summary, I'm pleased. I wasn't expecting a transformation but frankly, I'd be too big if that did happen. I'll post my PCT cycle tomorrow as I got to go pickup the better half now.

  6. thank you roidgracie. i look forward to your thoughts tomorrow.


  7. Well I will say Halodrol is a mild compound on shutdown. I ran 2 solo cycles in the past and really was not shut down. I recommend running 75-100mg of dhea straight through the cycle, and into pct.

    Everything else looks fine.
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2
  8. RoidGracie
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    I'm not sold into the DHEA but I'm sure someone else will post the logic behind this. I can't get past the fact there is potential for increased or prolonged shutdown as you are introducing and external hormonal substance and while it may alleviate some issues, it is still elevating levels by an external means.
    Yes, I can concur now from personal experience that H-Drol is mild, provided on cycle support supps are taken. In my case, was Life Support at 6 caps ED(3x2). Also, I didn't go up to the 75mgs for H-Drol until just a few days ago, so next time around at the end of this year I'll probably run 50,50,75,75 and see how that goes. PCT starting on Monday will be:
    PCS (4 ED- 2x2) serm/t-production
    Life Support (6ED -3x2) continued blood pressure/liver/ etc.
    Advanced PCT (3ED- 1x3) AI, etc.
    Multi Vitamin

    That's it for me, if I had to do more than this, I wouldn't bother with any compound in the first place. Someone can also correct me here but just because a compound does not aromatise, doesn't mean you won't have elevated estrogen levels. If I understand correctly, your body was attempting to match E levels to the increase in "testosterone" levels while on, so, when you stop intake of the external "testosterone", your E levels will most likely be much higher than baseline, even though nothing directly aromatized.

  9. thank you roidgracie and tripdog. roid, what you said is true. what i meant to say was that estrogen-related sides are less prominent, but i know i gotta get the estrogen lowered and the test raised.

    with that in mind, would this be a good plan?:

    PCS at full speed, 4 a day in a 2x2 fashion
    6 oxo in a 3/3/2 (or do i need more? i have read that some take as much as 5-6 a day! that seems like a lot, though to me, as i thought post cycle therapy was a time for gradually normalizing levels, not blasting them)
    dhea 50mg 1xa day
    thistle/NAC/hawthorne/celery at 1 good dose a day

    i appreciate the input, gents.


  10. revised version:

    PCS begins two days after cycle at 4 a day 2x2
    6 oxo begins a week after the cycle in 3/3/2 fashion
    DHEA begins at 50mg a day first day through
    thistle/NAC/hawthorne/celery at a dose a day through

    how's it look now? roidgracie? tripdog? i hope this flies! cause then i will have had it planned and can focus on getting my foundation back over the next few months, do my cycle and do it RIGHT, and get my shine ON!!!
  11. RoidGracie
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    I'm by no means a PCT expert here. I always start the day after my last PH dose. You do know that both Life Support and Cycle Support will give you thistle/NAC/hawthorne/celery...correct? I've never used Cycle Support myself, but I did pre-load Life Support and continued all through my cycle at 6 caps ED and will be continuing through PCT. Otherwise, all I've heard is stay with the 4 caps 2x2 PCS just as you indicated. You also seem to know what you're doing with the 6-OXO, always taper that down. I did not a few times (didn't know to taper it) and probably had estrogen rebound. I can't tell you about the 6-OXO though, as far as doing 4/3/2 or 3/3/2, that's a coin toss there. I had heard/read to start ATD (for those who use it) a week or more into PCT, but I hadn't read too much about using any the delay for the 6-OXO. You went a different route than I, I'm giving 6-Bromo a try in my pct and I'll be starting it the same time as PCS.
    In summary, you should be ok (but if you get screwed it's your own damn fault cause anything I say is for entertainment purposes only and I'm just relaying what I'm doing!!) cause, I really feel fine and tomorrow is my last day on H-Drol. I'm actually looking forward to getting off, doing my PCT and then cleaning out for 6 weeks. Normally I'd wait at least 2 full months (past PCT) but I have to squeeze in a 3 week pulse before my vacation at the end of July

    Maybe someone else will chime in who has done a buttload of sucessful cycles and OTC pct. There are just so many damn possible combinations out there and everybody is different in how they react.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Manimalia View Post
    revised version:

    PCS begins two days after cycle at 4 a day 2x2
    6 oxo begins a week after the cycle in 3/3/2 fashion
    DHEA begins at 50mg a day first day through
    thistle/NAC/hawthorne/celery at a dose a day through

    how's it look now? roidgracie? tripdog? i hope this flies! cause then i will have had it planned and can focus on getting my foundation back over the next few months, do my cycle and do it RIGHT, and get my shine ON!!!
    Looks good....dhea is used in post cycle to combat cortisol that is raised, and works very well. When used on cycle it helps with lethargy, and libido(depending on the cycle)....more-so with other cycles than with halodrol.

    That'd be lucky charms son!!!! LMAO
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  13. alright, boys! way to come through for me! i know i'm new here, but y'all come through for us new guys just the same. that's commendable and just plain....lucky muh****in' charms of y'all!

    i'm gonna take my before pics (i've been on a bit of a downhill for a while now, as i haven't stuck to doing what i do best: eating like a hoss and lifting like a champ. this has caused me to essentially crumble. THEN, the anabolic diet, with my limited knowledge REALLY killed me). I AM GONNA TAKE ME A FEW MONTHS, EAT ME SOME LUCKY CHARMS, EAT ME SOME COWS, HIT THAT IRON, GET MY SWOLL BACK ON, AND THEN THEN THEN HIT THAT CYCLE UP RIGHT!!! uh-hum...excuse the outburst. then, i will post up the before/after pics, which i can't wait to do. i'll be dat phoenix rising to the sun from arizona!
  14. RoidGracie
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    Thanks Trip, I've got other help with the cortisol control and the lethargy wasn't too bad, libido was as low as it normally is , actually may have bumped up a little. Should bump up in my PCT which I decided to start a day early. I'm not going to get any more gains in one day and I'd like to normalize as quickly as possible.

  15. do it up, mayn, do it up!

  16. have you started your cycle yet manimalia?


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