Question on Torem Dosing during the day

  1. Question on Torem Dosing during the day

    Hello this is my first post on this site. Great forum BTW

    Im on my last week of my Havoc cycle.
    Ran it as followed

    Week 1 10/10/20/20/20/20/20
    Week 2 20
    Week 3 30
    Week 4 40

    Ive searched and found its common to take Torem at
    Day 1-5 = 120mg Torm
    Day 6-21 = 60mg Torm
    Day 22-28 = 30mg Torm

    My question is how to take it throughout the day. For the 120mg should it be 60 in the morning and 60 at night? Then 30 in the morning and 30 at night for 60?
    Ive also got Post cycle support and cycle support to take.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Haha, well brother serms have a long half life (I don't know about Torm but nolva's is 7-9 days) so just take it all at once.

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