Help With Halo/Tren PCT

  1. Help With Halo/Tren PCT

    So my brother is a dumb**** and decided to take a cycle of Halo/Tren(PH not steroid), they were mine at first but realized that i was too young for this stuff and gave it to him, and he is near the end of his cycle. i asked him what he is going to use for his pct and he showed me this estrogen blocker that iv never heard of and dont trust, plus i know this is not enough. i dont think hes going to use a serm so otc would be best. what would you recomend? im thinkin of 6-oxo and novedex xt but i know much about this stuff as why i dont touch it. thanks

  2. If he can't truly get his hands on a SERM then the best route to take would be POST Cycle Support and 6-oxo, imo.

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