hey guys
stats: 24, 96kg 6'3 training for 3 years
reached a point where no more growth
starting first only test cycle in 2 weeks just want some feedback on pct.
cycle info: 11 weeks on enathate 500mg/week
first 2 weeks inject 1ml(50mg) of propionate with enanthate injections to kickstart.
week 1: clomid 150mg/day- liv52(6 tabs/day)-6oxo (3caps)-powerfull(4caps/day)
week2 : clomid 100mg/day- liv52(6 tabs/day)-6oxo (4caps)-powerfull(4caps/day)
week3 : nolvadex 40mg/day- liv52(6 tabs/day)-6oxo (5caps)-powerfull(4caps/day)
week4 : nolvadex 20mg/day- liv52(6 tabs/day)-6oxo (6caps)-powerfull(4caps/day)
week 5: nolvadex 10mg/day- liv52(6 tabs/day)-6oxo (6caps)-powerfull(4caps/day)

will also be taking some creatine monohydrate and bcaa's
also taking dutasteride for hairloss(been on it 4 a while)
any feedback would be great guys especially on dosing.
not taking anything for cortisol control except bcaa, cant find anything here in australia exept 7 keto dhea which is a ripoff and not that good.
would anyone recommend an AI such as arimidex to be taken during cycle(.5mg/d)read not that necessary in mild cycles.
would it be better to take rebound XT instead of 6oxo.
would it be better to run 6oxo or rxt with the serm and taper down or inversely and increase dosage.
tooooo many opinions got me lost , thanks very much guys for help...