Superdrol/Orastan-E stack. PCT question.

  1. Superdrol/Orastan-E stack. PCT question.

    Hello, this will be my first post on these forums. I've been a lurker for some time and have always enjoyed the personalities as well as the abundant knowledge I was able to soak up.

    My first of many questions is in regards to a SD/Orastan-E stack that I am planning to run. The only issue would be my location.. I have no possible way of obtaining a SERM. I've got every support I can think of, and I have multiple PCT setups on paper, Just researching a bit more into each.

    Now that I have all that stated, for a Superdrol cycle, is it absolutely nessessary to have a Serm? Or can I get by with a PCT with standard OTC... Example.. 6OXO Extreme, Inhibit-E, Retain-2.. Etc.

    I would appreciate any help you may be able to give, and I am always open to input.

    Also, I am 6'4 Roughly 230. I've run cycles in the past, while using PCT, but I wanted to get advice.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Will you survive running super without a serm, probably. But I wouldn't recommend it as will everyone else here mainly do to the gyno issues. Half the fcuking guys who run super get gyno still using a serm and an AI so I would not chance it. Maybe go with something else or run the super later on when you'll have access to one. Or even look into pulsing it if you just can't wait, that would be up to you though bro.

  3. I understand, but I believe to each their own... This isn't my first superdrol run. I've ran it before, had no issues with gyno and didn't use a serm..

    I was a bit new to the scene at the time, I did have a rather extensive PCT regimine though.

    Would Halodrol or Phera-plex be a better choice?

  4. It depends. As far as being safer to use without a serm halo would for sure, P-plex aromatizes so that would be a bad choice. You could pulse the superdrol if you want and probably get by without a serm but then again you said you've run it before without problems. While I will not advise that for obvious reasons it is your choice. Personally I would not run anything without at least having one on hand but if I was dead set on it I would either run the Halo or Epi IMO those are the safest options.

  5. I can't argue with your logic. If anyone else has input, I would greatly appreciate it. But I think I've made up my mind on the matter, I'd rather be safe then sorry.



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