About to start PCT, wanna double check

  1. About to start PCT, wanna double check

    Did four weeks of superdrol and trena. SD 30mgED, trena 105mgED. Had really good gains. Added about 10 pounds, went form benching 225X3 to 225X10.

    For PCT i have lined up

    Week 1: Nolvadex 40mgED, Post cycle support by AI 4capsED, natty test booster(T-Bomb II) dosed off package
    Week 2: Nolvadex 40mgED, PCS 4 capsED, T-Bomb II
    Week 3: Nolvadex 20mgED, PCS 4 capsED, t-Bomb II, 300mg 6-oxo ED
    Week 4: Nolvadex 20mgED, PCS 4 capsED, t-bomb II, 200 mg 6-oxo ED
    Week 5: nolvadex 10mgED, 100mg 6-oxo ED

    Also including htrought:
    multi, fish oil(42 gramsED, megadosing), cycle support by AI

    does htis look pretty solid?

  2. 1- why did u pick t bomb?
    2- dont most people gain over 10+ on superdol?

  3. might want to skip the 6-oxo, or dose it as

    wk 3 100mg
    wk 4 200mg
    wk 5 300mg
    wk 6 200mg
    wk 7 100mg

  4. I got the t-bomb free so i figured i'd use it. I probably would have gained more but I got the flu mid-cycle and didnt lift for a week and lost a bit there but decided to stay on it anyways. Thanks Easy, i'll probably follow your dosing for the 6-OXO.

  5. free t-bomb is better than nothing and since you are using post cycle support too, that has some test boosting properties (well at least LH)

  6. alpha drive XL is ten dollars on NP. would i be betetr off getting that? and if so how should i dose it?


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