Battling pubertal gyno...

  1. Battling pubertal gyno...

    Ill be on spring break this week, and Ive suffered from pubertal gyno for years. My nipples are really large, puffy, and ugly. But once they are hard, they actually look good, like in the picture to the left.

    I figured I'd ask this in the post cycle therapy section of the forum, because people here know about the gyno problems. I was wondering if there was any type of topical gel or cream I can pick up at CVS or something that makes the skin tighten up (something I can put on my nipples to make them hard).

    It sounds awkward asking this, but I swear I remember reading a thread on this topic but I searched and couldnt find it!! ahhh. All I found was the topical DHT called andractim or something. I was looking for something I could pick up in the store within next couple of days before I leave...

    Thanks a million...

  2. nothing?

  3. you might wanna try nolvadex, although you wouldn't find that at CVS. Is it from natural problems, or find past cycles? It looks like it's natural, but I just wanna make sure. OTC things like 6 oxo or post cycle support by anabolic innovations could help, but I dont' know their effectiveness in terms of getting rid of current gyno. Although rest assured, a cure is out there. what have you tried so far?

  4. subbed, i got some dinner plates naturally as well, I have been considering topical formastane but would love to hear some opinions.
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  5. This doesn't really help the gyno at all, but I heard of a kid using icy hot on his nips to make them hard and not puffy.

  6. I've had pubertal gyno for years -- epi did nothing, topical form (like you mentioned pmiller) did nothing, PCS did nothing, and 6-oxo did nothing.. but I have never tried an rx serm -- and I honestly don't even think that would get rid of the pubertal variety..

    Surgery is probably the only way but **** that.. expensive and I just don't see myself getting sedated and cut for cosmetic purposes.. it doesn't look that great when they aren't all nurpin but whatev -- I'm just to the point where I don't even let it bother me anymore..

    But back to your point, I don't think any OTC product is effective whatsoever against the pubertal variety, and I can't speak for rx serms as I've never tried one..


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