which serm is best for this...

  1. which serm is best for this...

    after a cycle of halo, which serm would be best for..

    libido increase, test boosting, estrogen management and more. I want to take clomid but scared of the blurred vision side effect

  2. u probably wont need a SERM after Halo, but if u want to id run Nolva at a low dose...20/20/10/10

  3. really because i hear people always saying that shutdown is nearly existent with halo but after the horrible shutdown from superdrol, i dont want to take my chances. If halo is not that suppresive than how come the gains are etradinary?

  4. whats the name of the actual sup u want to take? Is it H-Drol by CEL?

  5. oral turinadrol by jug nutri, thanks for the quick response brotha

  6. U dont necessarily need a serm, the nomenclature is almost the exact same as Hdrol by CEL.....which means either a low dose serm or u can do over the counter

  7. will my libido drop on pct


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