Need help with a good PCT for M-drol

  1. Need help with a good PCT for M-drol

    Ive been reading and reading and it seems that everone has a different oppinion on wha to take.

    I'll be starting an M-drol cycle in the next few days and I just want to get my PCt down.

    what I have to take so far is AI Post Cycle Support (i wanna help the site out)
    Im gonna jump on some NOX PCT also
    Im pretty sure I need to get a serm such as Nolva but some say that AI PCS is good enough. Is it?

    Can someone maybe shoot me over a PM as to where to get my hands on some research chems? from a reputable source that wont rip me off

    any other ideas on what to get for Post? Ive already got all my cycle supps so Im good there.

  2. Several people, both who've used M-Drol and haven't, are gonna have their own opinions, but I do believe the sides is the reason why most people choose H-Drol over M-Drol. I've heard that the sides of M-Drol, though rather mild, can be quite nasty. Personally, I would use a Serm, such as Nolva. Possibly some Cycle Support by AI.

  3. SERM is an absolute MUST when running Mdrol

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