ZMA skewing blood test?

  1. ZMA skewing blood test?

    Hey guys, I need to run another blood test in two weeks to check my levels, but I wanted to know if I should stay away from ZMA (been off it for 2 weeks) until after the test. I would expect it to alter my numbers, true?

  2. I dont think it will. I'd like to hear how it would if so.

  3. ZMA is supposed to be a natty test booster?

  4. Actually new research shows that ZMA does NOT boost Testosterone or IGF-1 levels at all which think about it, that makes since! Unless your defficent which taking a multi is something everyone is doing I hope, would be enough so ZMA is usless it seems. Only one study showed it to boost levels and many have shown that it does nothing!

    Remember that study was done by the people who made the original product!

  5. Three things I notice with ZMA: Vivid dreams/refreshing sleep and better morning wood. All in my head?

  6. multi's contain calcium in them. You are not supposed to take zinc with calcium.

  7. I did a little reading which suggests "Zinc is a natural aromatase enzyme inhibitor"

    So yes, it probably would have affected the results.


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