My Apologies to all as I supposedly violated Posting Rules.

  1. My Apologies to all as I supposedly violated Posting Rules.

    Please disregard my previous thread about putting up funds for a cycle, all those interested please disregard. I didn't use any company names or specific products, etc. but apparently it was not allowed.

  2. Yo that sucks bro. Anyone who would've don dat would be insane anyhow - I been readin all da studies on Trans-Resveratrol and it'z not a sufficient PCT at all. You def need a real SERM. Someone woulda been messed up bad for life from tryin to use resveratrol as a standalone pct dat's probably why it was removed. Unless someone makin $ on it being in one of ther products wanted it gone $ = power

  3. It's cool. The funny thing is I got more positive reps & pm's from that than any other thread I posted so far. So did you ever start your Super cycle yet are you still awaiting nolva? I was thinking of getting Torem in case I needed it too.

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