post cycle therapy "Advanced PCT"

  1. post cycle therapy "Advanced PCT"

    ok so im taking a small stack cycle of some oral stuff D-anabol 25 and deca 200 not to extraem but havent been in the anabolic circle in a while and i was wondering if takin the Anabolic Xtreme Advanced post cycle therapy (Post Cycle Therapy) for my post cycle therapy is going to be alright anythoughs or suggestions??? thanx

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    ok so im taking a small stack cycle of some oral stuff D-anabol 25 and deca 200 ...

  3. well that dont do any good and it bends enough for me so im not to concerned with that
  4. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by caveman54 View Post
    well that dont do any good and it bends enough for me so im not to concerned with that
    Apparently you're not or you would not have purchased "fake" (or named in such a way as to be confused) steroids.

    You will not need any post-cycle therapy because you are not using steroids. Your "roidstore" purchase was for useless junk. They will never be raided for selling illegal steroids because they aren't selling steroids. The good news is you do not possess anything illegal or even grey-area... The bad news is you don't possess anything that will help you build muscle either.

    Forgive my laughter son but you ain't gonna need no post-cycle therapy.

  5. Those are the same knock offs that were being sold when i was in HS. I remember sitting around with all the guys on my football team reading some muscle mag with them being advertised. I cannot recall the name of the " Lab" that made them but they did absolutly nothing.

  6. well that is all helpful info you guys are posting i guess i was luck then when i mis typed my card number and order wasnt place so mabey someone can help me out and point me to a reliable site to buy some stuff off of that would help a lot and maby throw some products that work good out there for me thanx guys

  7. research, spend a lot of time on here and you will find what you need careful and don't rush it

  8. thanx bigjoe thts helpful advice so what are some good cycles that are oral??or is there any??? or where can i purchase a site that i can buy and read up on stuff thanx guys

  9. I wouldn't suggest doing anything until you read A LOT more on this forum. I guess the first thing people will ask is how is your diet, What are your goals etc. It seems like these days people just want the faster way out of everything so they buy into all this stupid mumbo-jumbo. There is so many threads a day where I say the same thing and I don't mean to be repetitive or come out looking like an *******.

  10. oh i totally understand i am not inexperienced in the gym i have been working out constant for the past 2 years now with few long breaks i am just not seeing much gains anymore and am looking for a lil help a moral boost if you will i would like to bulk up a lil more then try and cut up a lil bit more i am 5'8" and 210 lbs and am 22 i am in the gym a lot i go 6days a week cardio 45mins a day and lift about an hour and a half so im just new to most of the analbolic seen and i have been reading up on stuff but it just helps being on here like you said reading and all and you seem to no what is going on in here and i app. what you are saying it helps out a lot and as for my diet i dont eat the best but im not a fast food junkie or nothing i make a lota my food on the bbq and all but any help guys thanx for the input

  11. Have you tried any different supplements, creatine etc.? I'd try maybe switching up the routine, switch up rep ranges, there are other ways of getting past a plateau other then steroids. Start a new thread post up your diet/training and let people critique you, its the best way to figure out what your doing wrong and what needs to be changed.

  12. thanx weakpoint sounds good ill give that a shot


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