Importance of PCT

  1. Importance of PCT

    Ok ive been on the forums for a while. Searched done all the things I need and I know the importanceof a PCT . I have a friend I told EVERYTHING he needed and he did a cycle of EPI with me. This was about last summer I guess. He did nothing for PCT. I told him to get torem but never did. He was arguing with me last night telling me that wasnt something he was going to take and all he needed was an estrogen blocker(which he still didnt use) . I didnt know the exact things it does to your body if you dont do any PCT so I couldnt shove it in his face. So what are all the effects to your body if you dont use any PCT?

  2. Hormonal imbalance (high cort/estrogen, low test), weight gain, ***** tits, long term test suppression, name a few

  3. Yeah, if he did not get blood work he could be royally f'ed up. Lipids could be out of wack, test could be much lower than it should be... Just be satasfied that you did things right and then in 5-15 years when he can't have kids or keep a hard-on, just be thankful that you did it right.

    There is always the chance that he didn't get shut down very hard and that his lipid profile isn't f'ed up... But if he continues to cycle with no PCT, I can pretty much guarantee that he will have long term problems.

  4. dosent matter, just use a good one. if your friend says "estrogen blocker" he doesn't even have the slightest idea what hes talking about. next time he says 'estrogen blocker' say, "whats that?" "perhaps you are meant an AI", then tell him his **** is going to fall off and that hes a moron.
    ok bad advise right there. but your balls will shrink and wont come back to normal if a ****y PCT is used, creating a host of other bad things to happen, ie **** wont function, ect

  5. He has NO idea about any of this stuff. I was telling him about it last summer when I did my cycle of EPI and he said he wanted to do it also. I told him he needed to get on here and research before hand which he didnt. Hes also starting another cycle monday and doesnt have any PCT. He was going to get cycle support but he said he looked up all the ingredients and just bout bottles of each. I just want to see what all can go wrong to show him how much of an idiot he is. Hes one of those people "i know everything and this is right". One of his excuses was "this guy i work with doesnt take anything for PCT and the guy I workout with does nothing but steroids and doesnt do PCT" hes just ****ing dumb

  6. There is only so much you can do to help people. If he doesn't want your help don't waste your breath. Screw the guy. Some people only learn the hard way.

  7. Yea ill thinking ill just wait 2 months then show him this. The only thing he is worried about is his hair falling out so he only buys natural supplemets to help that. Nothing for liver or heart or bloodpressure. Hes stupid

  8. So he told me tonight that he researched and everyone told him all he needed was cycle support and the PCT support and he didnt need a serm.


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