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Advanced Muscle Science Cycle

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    Advanced Muscle Science Cycle

    If i am getting finished with my 1-AD/4-AD/Arom X cycle (from Advanced Muscle Science, 3 weeks) do I need any type of post cycle therapy?
    Also, can I go straight into my cutting phase from this, and start using Levithan Reloaded/Incarnate and possibly a creatine or do I need to wait a while before I start my next stack?

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    Bro, I don't know what ingredients are in those products but you should know whether or not you need PCT before you start your cycle.

    I wouldn't go in a drastic cutting phase right after a bulking phase. I prefer doing a 4 week recomp phase and the a nice cutting phase.

    You can take the Levi Reloaded and Incarnate with creatine all together. Definitely use creatine for PCT if you need to do a PCT.

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