estrogenex by hi-tech pharmacuticals

  1. estrogenex by hi-tech pharmacuticals

    just wondering if anyone has ried it

  2. Used two bottles last year but I was using a robust regimen of other supps, mostly natural T-boosters and the usual arsenal of workout aids, high quality proteins, etc. So, I cannot single out Estrogenex as being a game changer but I can say that it was part of a plan that had me at a point where I was at a personal best. I definitely had a noticable, healthy level of testosterone, was feeling and lifting strong, looked great, etc. And, this was at age 48. Again, Estrogenex was just one component of my regimen. It definitely didn't hurt me though.

    High-Tech in general, though, concerns me (see my other thread on my question regarding their Dianabol product). With a name choice like "Dianabol" for a product, you have to question the integrity of a company that does that. When integrity comes into question, then you have to also question the ingredient list itself - the quality of the ingredient listed, the true amount, etc. Make sense?

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