I'm planning out a spring cutting cycle to keep my strength up while losing some bodyfat, and want to make sure I have everything accounted for.

Test Cyp 750mg/wk 1-15
Tren E 400mg/wk 1-15
Test Prop 200mg EOD 1-3 (kickstart the test)
Tren Ace 75mg EOD 1-3 (kickstart the tren)

Dex throughout cycle (stopped before PCT) at .25 EOD, or as needed
HCG 250IU 2x a week, throughout cycle (stopped a week before PCT)
Finasteride at 1mg ED (I've been on this a while to prevent hairloss, so will continue to stay on it during cycle even though it apparently shouldn't guard against tren hairloss)

PCT: Torem 120-80-40-20 started about 3 weeks after the last cyp shot

This will be my first time running HCG on cycle, and wanted to make sure I had the dosing planned out correctly. What do you guys think? I wouldnt feel comfortable running the mega dosing protocol just prior to PCT, because I read that HCG can be toxic at such high doses and I would rather not risk this.

Its also my first time running Tren E, but I was fine on Ace so I dont anticipate any problems. I realize that this may look like a long time on tren, but I could cut down the length of the tren E if any problems arise. I should be fine at 400mg/wk of tren e though.

And Torem alone brought me back pretty good after my previous cycle (15 weeks cyp @ 750mg/wk, 13 weeks deca @ 600mg/wk, 1-6 dbol 50mg ED), so I assume it should be enough for the PCT of this cycle? Or should I add something to my PCT?

Thanks for any input you can provide!