Nolvadex Supply

  1. Nolvadex Supply

    I am trying to get a good supply of nolvadex, either liquid or tabs, either tamoxifen or tamoxifen citrate, from a source online that I do not have to subsribe to, and use my discover card. I have run a search already and the given sources are no longer available. And what dosage protocol works best, E.O.D., every morning, or twice a day. And which methods works best for liquid, empty dropper in mouth and then drink fluid, or mix in a class of water. Thanks for the info, anything will help.

  2. If your asking for a supplier, you are asking to be banned. You really might want to read the rules.

  3. Not at all.

    In all threads I have searched, someone replied with a website, ... and no one responded by telling them to read the rules.

    Thanks for lookin out tho.

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