Does this sound like a good post cycle/during cycle therapy

  1. Does this sound like a good post cycle/during cycle therapy

    i made an idiotic mistake and caved to pressure and at my current age of 18 began a deca cycle, i added vitex and letro to help prevent side here is my plan for the rest of the short cycle i am planning on and the post cycle therapy so i can finish this and never do something as dumb as this again.

    im going to add HCG to my cycle at 500 iU a week...

    for post cycle i plan on taking resveratrol, and either GH or IGF-1

  2. How long have you been on this cycle?

  3. You need more than resv for pct, and why in the world are you getting off AAS to use peptides????? Get a serm, an otc AI and test booster too, and then stay away from hormonal products and peptides. Use some creatine, some bcaas, no2 products, etc.

    You are going to ruin your health.


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